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30th August 2015


Another sunny warm day. Very few birds around. The tide was well out. However, after only a five minute walk we came across what can only be described as ' insect alley'. We spent over an hour here. Butterflies, Bugs, Flies were around in abundance. We moved on eventually, hoping to find a bird or two, but we left disappointed. The Nikon D5200 stayed in the bag.

   7 Spot Ladybird Common Blue Butterfly Common Grasshopper
               7 Spot Ladybird            Common Blue Butterfly            Common Grasshopper
         Wasp  Dyspetes_praerogator Grey_mining_bee Fly - Mydaea_setifemur
Wasp - Dyspetes_praerogator     Grey mining Bee              
              Peacock Butterfly  Bug - potato_capsid Red Admiral Butterfly
                   Under Construction                

16th August 2015


A very sunny and hot Sunday on the West Coast. A delightful walk through the golf course to the lighthouse gave us the Common Blue butterfly. There were many flitting about here. At the lighthouse we were treated once again to beautiful Gannets flying very close.   A group of female Eider were feeding just below us. On the way back I spotted what turned out to be a newbie for the site, a Sheep's Bit Scabious.

Common Blue Butterfly Female Common Eider
Cormorant Gannet  Sheep's Bit Scabious

9th August 2015

Port Seton

Pleasant weather in the East today. Quite a small promenade area 30 mts from the high street. Much of the activity on the promenade was generated by the Sandwich Terns flying off to fish and returning to feed their youngsters. A great deal of noise came from youngsters squawking a recognition signal to the returning parent.

Curlew Lesser Black Backed Gull Common Tern
Ringed Plover Juvenile Sandwich Tern Adult feeding juvenile

2nd August 2015

Stevenston, Ayrshire

A trip to the West Coast today as the weather is not too great in the East.
Rather quiet today but a couple of usual suspects turned up.

Cormorant Oystercatcher Turnstone

  Sandwich Tern

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