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27th September 2015

Stevenston / Irvine Harbour

The weather is finally drawing us to the west coast. Stevenston then Irvine harbour for a cup of tea and a bun. The headland at Stevenston was quiet. Some Eider and and a lone Rock Pipit were feeding on the rocks surrounding the headland. After a while we decided to go round to the pond. Very quiet here as well. The deer seem to have gone. Not a glimpse! The Duclair duck was showing well and a distant Buzzard kept us hanging around for a while waiting for a closer shot. Time to nip down to Irvine harbour for tea and a bun and a look see.
A very busy Irvine harbour due, no doubt, to the fine weather. Some nice shots of a Knot and some Turnstones feeding on the rocks at the entrance to the harbour.
Off to the north of Scotland for a little break but I'll be taking my cameras.

Female Eider Rock Pipit Red Breasted Merganser
Curlew Duclair Duck Buzzard
Knot Turnstone Herring Gull

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20th September 2015


East coast again. Weather in the West didn't look too promising. The promenade walk was pretty quiet nature wise. Quite busy with dog walkers, cyclists and keep fitters. The scrapes proved equally quiet but a few usual suspects turned up. The Kestrel is almost a regular now and is hunting quite low over and around the pond area.

Curlew Female Goosander Kestrel
Redshank Velvet Scoter Wigeon

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13th September 2015

Skateraw - Dunbar harbour

Best of the weather in the east today so a trip to Skateraw was plan A, and maybe Dunbar Harbour if time. A rare visitor, the Arctic Warbler was showing to the West of the car park. Lots of people were waiting for a glimpse. It showed only fleetingly, and getting a picture at all was going to prove very difficult.
Time to move on for a walk round the headland.

Common Tern - Juvenile Fox Moth Caterpillar
Off to Dunbar harbour for a cup of tea and a bun. The harbour was quite busy with many coming to see the two grey seals being fed by the fishermen.
Grey Seal  Rock Pipit

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6th September 2015


Another cracking day weatherwise. A walk along the promenade and a quick visit to the scrapes.
Not much in the sea, most of the birds seem to be flying up to the scrapes. However, when we finally arrived there, they were rather empty. On the way back, John forgot his stool and I waited for him in the meadow by the pond, and was rewarded by a low flying Kestrel right above my head.

Juvenile Cormorant Velvet Scoter  Little Grebe
Magpie  Kestrel Ruff

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