Black Tern  (Juvenile)
Fact File
Taken at Hogganfield Loch on 6th October 2018 using Nikon D500
with Sigma 600 mm zoom lens.

Taken at Hogganfield Loch on 22nd September 2018 using Nikon D500
with Sigma 600 mm zoom lens
Fact File

Black Tern.  ( Juvenile )
Species :
Local names:
Chlidonias niger.
Site Of Nest:



Freshwater marshes.
These birds do not dive for fish, but forage on the
wing picking up items at or near the water's surface
or catching insects in flight. They mainly eat insects
and fish as well as amphibians.
They have short dark legs and a short, weak-looking
black bill, measuring 27 mm , nearly as long as the head,
slender and  slightly decurved.
They have a dark grey back, with a white forewing, black
head, neck (occasionally suffused with grey in the adult)
and belly, black or blackish-brown cap (which unites in
color with the ear coverts, forming an almost complete hood),
and a light brownish-grey, 'square' tail. The face is white.
There is a big dark triangular patch in front of the eye,
and a broadish white collar in juveniles.
May, on spring passage, and from July to September
on autumn passage.
2 - 4.