Fairy Flax
Fact File
Taken at White Sands on 25th June 2017 using Panasonic Lumix LX5
in macro mode.


Fairy Flax.
Latin Name :
Linum catharticum.
Annual or biennial herb.
Purging Flax.

Sea-shore meadows, dry pastures, rocky outcrops.
July - August.
5 - 25 cms.
Flax is grown for its oil, as a nutritional supplement, and as
an ingredient in many wood-finishing products. Flax is also
grown as an ornamental plant in gardens. Flax fibres are
used to make linen. Flax fibres are taken from the stem of the
plant, and are two to three times as strong as those of cotton.
Europe and North America depended on flax for
vegetable-based cloth until the 19th century, when cotton
overtook flax as the most common plant used for making
rag-based paper. Flax is grown on the Canadian prairies for
linseed oil, which is used as a drying oil in paints and varnishes
and in products such as linoleum and printing inks. In India, flax
seed oil is also known as alsi in Hindi and javas in Marathi.
It is mainly used in Savji curries such as mutton curries.