Hebridean Sheep
Fact File
Taken at St Andrews on 28th September 2018 using Nikon D500
with Sigma 600 mm zoom lens.


Hebridean Sheep.
Scientific Name:
Ovis aries.


Modern Hebrideans have black, rather coarse wool, which fades to brown in the sun and often becomes grey with age; there is no wool on the face or legs. If not shorn the wool may moultnaturally in spring. Rams and ewes typically have one pair of horns, but often have two or even more pairs (polycerate), and occasionally none. They are considerably smaller than most other breeds of sheep, fully grown ewes weighing only around 40 kg (88 lb), and rams slightly heavier, at around 50 to 60 kg (110 to 130 lb)
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