Red Deer   (Male)
Fact File
Taken on the Isle Of Jura on 14th October 2010 using Nikon D40X
with Nikon 300 mm zoom lens.
Taken By Jim's son James


Taken at Lochranza on 8th August 2011 using Nikon D40X
with Nikon 300 mm zoom lens.
Fact File
Taken at Jura on 13th July 2017 using Nikon D5200
with Sigma 600 mm zoom lens.
Fact File

Red Deer.
Scientific Name:
Cervus elaphus scoticus.



This deer is slightly smaller than the Western
European Red Deer. In summer, the coat is
lighter in colour with a distinct border to the
lighter patch on the rump. The rest of the colour
is dark reddish brown with a greyer face and neck.
The legs are blackish brown. In winter the animal
grows long hair on the neck.
Highlands and Islands of Scotland and in parts of
England such as Westmorland, Devon, Somerset,
and the New Forest.
Red deer are ruminants,surviving on plant based foods.
Females in their second autumn can produce one
or very rarely two offspring per year. The gestation
period is 240 to 262 days, and the offspring weigh
about 15 kg (33 lb). After two weeks, fawns are able
to join the herd and are fully weaned after two months.
All red deer fawns are born spotted.