Slime Mould - Scrambled Egg 
Taken at Strathclyde Park on 24th October 2023 using Panasonic Lumix TZ70 in macro mode. Fact File

Taken at Baron's Haugh on 30th March 2020 using Panasonic Lumix LX5 in macro mode. Fact File

Scrambled Egg Slime Mould.
Fuligo septica.



Rotten wood and plant debris, but can also grow on the leaves and stems of living plants.
Very complicated organism and best left to Wikipedia
In Scandinavian folklore, Fuligo septica is identified as the vomit of troll cats. In Finland, it was believed to be used by witches to spoil their neighbours’ milk. This gives it the name paranvoi, meaning "butter of the familiar spirit".  In Dutch, "heksenboter" refers to "witches' butter". In Latvian, the slime mould (amongst other slime moulds) is called "ragansviests" as "witches' butter" or "raganu spļāviens" as "witches' spit" but it is unclear about the origins of these names.
Inedible and is known to trigger episodes of asthma and allergic rhinitis in susceptible people.

When picking any fungus for consumption, caution should be exercised at all times.