Butterfly - Small White
Taken at Baron's Haugh on 27th July 2018 using Nikon D500 with Sigma 600 mm zoom lens.
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Taken at
Musselburgh on 4th August 2013 using Nikon D40X with Nikon 300 mm zoom lens.
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Taken at Troon on 1st July 2018 using Panasonic Lumix LX5 in macro mode.
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Butterfly - Small White.
Pieris rapa.

Larval Food:
Adult Food:



Charlock, Garlic Mustard, Hedge Mustard and Wild Cabbage.
Thistles, Bird's-foot Trefoil, Bluebell, Bugle, Daisy , Dandelion,
Fleabane, Greater Stitchwort, Hawkweeds, Ragged Robin,
Ragwort, Red Campion, annd Red Clover.
38 - 57 mm.
Almost anywhere.
First-brood adults typically emerge in late April, peaking around the middle of May and gradually tailing off through June. The second brood, which is always stronger than the first brood, starts to emerge in early July. However, in good years, the second brood may emerge in late June and give rise to a third brood.