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29th November

Lochwinnoch and Stevenston

On my own today as John has a family day based loosely on his forthcoming 60th Birthday.
The weather forecast wasn't looking great for the whole of the central belt. A quick scan on my weather app showed a possible clear spell over in the west. So, off to Lochwinnoch, where I could utiliise the photographer's hide if the rain persisted. Well, the clear spell arrived and the light was good. Usual suspects came and went.

Carrion Crow Collared Dove Goldfinch
Pekin Duck
( Castle Semple Loch)
Great Tit Oystercatcher

I decided to head off to Stevenston, on the old Largs Road. Turned south onto the Dalry Road and arrived at Stevenston via Ardrossan. Spotted a couple of potential spotting sites on the way. The Firth of Clyde was a bit wild. Headed inland to the pond but the Oystercatcher was the best of the bunch. By the time I arrived here, breakfast was out of the question. Cup of tea and home for dinner.

22nd November 2015


Off east again today. I had thought about heading to the borders as I had heard that the salmon were leaping. On the way over the weather didn't look too bright in that direction and there was no guarantee that we would see the salmon, so after breakfast, we headed to Aberlady.
Lovely bright day here but chilly none the less. A long- eared Owl was reported to be showing at the Marl loch.

Long Eared Owl Curlew Bullfinch
Blue Tit Redshank Grey Squirrel

Not much to see today. The long eared Owl is well hidden as usual but I hope you can see it.
Tea and a bun then home for the football. Short visit.

15th November 2015


It may look as if I'm heading East for the Short Eared Owls, but the East coast was potentially the only place in the central belt that was forecast as rain free. As it turned out, Musselburgh was cloudy and damp but dry so I could at least get the camera out.
A flock of Linnets flitted around the sea wall. On closer examimation, I discovered an interloping Twite. There was a notification of a White Rumped Sandpiper on the scrapes and, sadly, a more recent notification of it's predation by a Sparrowhawk. Ever the optimist, we had a look. The scrapes were full with the usual suspects but sadly the the White Rumped Sandpiper wasn't one of them.

Linnet Twite Black Tailed Godwit
As the weather closed in, and as John hadn't seen the Short Eared Owls, we made our way to the roosting area.  We settled down on our canvas chairs under some trees hopefully well hidden and waited. We were not disappointed!

8th November 2015


I had heard that Short Eared Owls were showing and took some reasonable shots mid week.
I decided to have another go today, hopefully in better light. On my own today as John is enjoying a cultural event elsewhere. The light is slightly better when I arrive and the Owls were still showing. It wasn't long before the light totally failed though and the rain sent me homeward.

1st November 2015

Hound Point

Not exactly a winters day! Bright sunshine, and no need of a beanie hat. Off to Hermiston Gate for breakfast and back to Hound Point to perhaps spot some passing trade. It wasn't to be though, quiet as a grave! - birdwise.
Very busy with walkers and bikers. Perhaps the tide being out was a factor. Had a nice walk in pleasant sunshine as a consolation though. Walked back via the beach and had to clamber over some very slippery rocks. Not so much Autumn Watch more like Hip Watch. Getting off those rocks in one piece and back to the path probably saved the NHS quite a few bob!

Curlew   Oystercatcher

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